ZENLET - Long Term Pocket Review

It has been nearly 12 months since I started using the Zenlet 2 Series wallets and I have to say that it is has been a pleasure and an honour to have such premium products in my day to day routine.


Without a doubt, the Zenlet 2 Series are a prime piece of craftsmanship. The smooth textures and finishes just feel so nice in the hand. There is a range of wallets to choose from with Zelnet, so lets delve deeper into the pro’s and con’s;

Let’s start with my little gripes… I say this lightly, because really, there isn’t much I can say in the negative. Depending on the wallet model, I have different feelings towards them all. Across the range, my biggest issue is just how smooth the external textures are. I know I said how nice these products feel (because they really do), but I find that when operating the wallet to access cards, they are just too slippery. I played around with some ideas to try and fix this and found that by sticking something to the back panel (or underside) of the wallet, I could use this to operate the wallet with one hand. This worked with the ‘Zelnet 2’ and the ‘Zenlet 2+’ but the ‘AL’ has that smooth aluminium texture on both top and bottom. This made it hard for me as the ‘AL’ is my favourite of the three models. More on that later.

The only other con I have, is with the ‘Zenlet 2+’. Now this will be a very personal opinion and depending on how you intend to use the wallet, it may or may not be a negative to you. I just found that it was too bulky. I really like the added space that this model provides, but when I had it in my back pocket, it was too noticeable, and I could not sit down with it in my pocket. This did mean that I would have my fancy wallet on display wherever I was, as it would be sitting on the table next to my phone and keys, or I would have it in my hand and leave people wondering what fancy bit of kit I was holding. SO not really all bad I guess. :)

Overall, the 2 Series from Zenlet, has very few downsides from my point of view, which brings me to the pro’s.


Let’s start with the look. If you have not seen a Zenlet wallet before, at first glance, you really don’t know what you are looking at. The common question I was asked when someone spots the stylish metal box in my hand, is, “what is that?”.

The quality and finish of these wallets is simply beautiful. The attention to detail and the simplicity has been very well thought out. There is a lot of information given on the Zenlet website about the quality of material used and the ‘Apple’ like finishes, and they are all true. Rest assured, that if you are hard on your wallet, then there will be scratches and marks (like mine has), but that being said, it gives it some character and also shows how tough these wallets really are. I have dropped mine numerous times and I am not worried about the type of surface it sits on. I am actually very surprised at how little wear these products are showing from my everyday use. 9.5/10 for finish and durability.


The ‘Zenlet 2’ and the ‘Zenlet 2+’ both have a metal base and an acrylic/painted lid, whilst the ‘AL’ has an all aluminium body and lid. As I said earlier, my favourite of these three is the ‘AL’ model. I think it has to do with the complete aluminium feel when holding it. It also makes a ‘cooler’ sound when you slide the lid open. There is something about holding the ‘AL’ in your hand that makes it feel raw and down to earth. I really like it. Well done Zenlet for achieving such a satisfying feel.

The 2 Series of wallet really has you covered when you need to choose the number of cards you want to carry. If you only require a few cards for those formal occasions, then the ‘AL’ or ‘Zenlet 2’ are a great choice to slip into to a jacket pocket. Or maybe you need to carry lots of cards plus a house key or loose change, then the ‘Zenlet 2+’ really comes into its own here. From a lady’s perspective, all three of these models can really play a part in day to day activities. Easily slipped into a handbag pocket or clutch bag, the whole range of Zenlet wallets can suit your needs. I also have to say that the rose gold colour that my female tester has been using, is simply stunning in person. Its not too ‘girly’ if you are worried about having a pink wallet. Its truly elegant and classy and definitely gets some attention when spotted in a public setting.

Let's talk about function. The simple design and smooth operation of the Zenlet wallet is something to be acknowledged. A wallet generally has one mode/need of operation, to open and close. Zenlet have taken this task and made it stylish, modern and simple. I really like and admire the way they have kept the way these wallets work to a simplistic action. There are a lot of modern wallets on the market that are quite complicated to use, with straps, and strings and magnets etc. The Zenlet 2 Series has a simple slide to open and slide to close method and it works. Not only does it open and close, but it presents your cards, so you don’t even need to think about what you are doing or what pocket you need to search in. Once you are done, the wallet simply slides them all back together in one swift motion. 9/10 for ease of use and simplicity.


On top of the simple design, there is another trick up the 2 Series sleeve. Built into the lid, is a special compartment to insert a credit or debit card. This makes paying for anything a total breeze! With a light touch of your Zenlet wallet against the tap-n-go pad, your card is read, and the payment is made. There is no need to remove the card from your wallet or even open the wallet for that matter. Its purely effortless and seamless and I get many comments from staff when I pay using this method. Its like using some sort of magic and it’s a very satisfying feeling. This is a big plus to the Zenlet design and a well-executed feature for the Zenlet line-up.

Overall, as a current user and tester of the Zenlet 2 Series wallets, I have to say that it’s a pleasure to use such beautiful products. These products are little gems in the world of modern wallet technology and without complicating things along the way. I know that the 2 Series wallet from Zenlet will be a staple piece of kit when I am out on the town, down at the local shops or at the coffee shop after a long bike ride. It’s a very versatile, simple and usable system for anyone interested in a modern and stylish wallet.

The company that created the Zenlet 2 Series Wallet also has a project called “Lift & Go”, a laptop stand / carry handle. I am very much looking forward to this product being released and ill be sure to let you know all about it. Click on the above logo to follow ZENLET in the future.