State of Origin Tour - Day 1 - Tweed Heads to Boonah - 135kms

So it all started today. We began by rolling out from our
accommodation to the border for a team pic and then a few k’s up the
road for breakfast. Food was amazing as normal. It was a windy morning
but a pretty nice temperature. Once every one had eaten and our
wonderful mechanic had done some bike checks it was time to saddle up
and hit the road for the first leg of the day.

We rolled into our first school for tour where our team (Huawei) was

doing the presentation to the kids. This was an amazing thing to be a
part of. The way the kids get so hyped up to have a group of cyclist
come into their school and share a cancer awareness message is
incredible. After this we headed off to our lunch stop. This was in a
park in Canungra. Whilst we were there I met two ladies who were very
interested in hearing about where we had come from and where we were
heading. After I explained where tour was taking us one of the ladies
very generously gave me a donation. This is another one of those very
special moments that we get to experience throughout tours.

After everyone had refuelled we set off to head to our next school for
the day. For this leg of our trip today I got to sit in the engine
room. For those of you who don’t know, the engine room is made up of
the front six riders in the group who push against the wind and set
the pace. These six riders rotate amongst themselves so that the two
riders on the very front don’t get two worn out. This is in no way an
easy job but I enjoyed the chance to give it a crack today. The second
school we came to had 500 students. As we rode in they had lined both
sides of the path all the way to their school hall creating a tunnel
for us to ride through. They give you high-fives all the way along and
it really feels like a rock star welcome.

From there we were on our way to the final school for the day. This
leg was when a number of riders were starting to feel a bit of fatigue
and muscles tighten. It was a hot day on the bike and it was very
important to keep up hydration as well as food. We were running a bit
late arriving at this school and the support crew had already done the
presentation by the time we got there. There were still a few students
hanging around and we got to enjoy a great afternoon tea. We had less
than 10km to get to our accommodation for the night and we were
definitely glad when we did. We did our stretching showered and got
ready for dinner.

Once again we ate very well making sure we got enough food into us for
the energy we require on the bike. We heard some more great stories
from TdC team members and some that definitely gave me a few things to
think of in those moments on the bike that I’m really hurting. There
are so many people that you meet on tour that inspire you to get
through those barriers. The category jerseys for the day were awarded
and then it was time to pack down dinner and head back to our
accommodation. It is now 11:15 and time for bed. We get bit of a sleep
in tomorrow with breakfast at 7. There is also the team time trial to
look forward to. That’s all from me today.