First Look at the The ZENLET Wallet Experience

Let’s face it, Wallets are not a new thing, nor are they something that are going away anytime soon. But in saying this, the humble old wallet could do with a modern twist and a bit of a face lift. This is where a company like ZENLET Co. Ltd. steps in to try and reinvent the everyday wallet as we know it.


The Zenlet 2 Series of aluminium wallets started out as a Kickstarter campaign and was successfully funded with thousands of eager backers awaiting their new slim and stylish wallets. This latest line-up from Zenlet consists of three main wallet design options, each with their own unique features. The ‘Zenlet AL’ is the ultra-thin all aluminum member of the family. The ‘Zenlet 2’ has a slightly larger capacity than the AL and features a smooth clear lid with painted surface underneath for a very sophisticated look. The final member of the 2 Series is the ‘Zenlet 2+’, with similar elegant styling to the 2, the 2+ also has a second sliding drawer to hold more cards, banknotes, coins and more.

After using all three wallets, I am pleasantly impressed with how these wallets perform in the real world. Each with their pros and cons, overall, these wallets are stylish, have a very high quality finish and are practical for everyday use. I have tested many styles of wallets, from the traditional leather single folding, to a canvas double fold to a super slim, 3 card capacity wallet and many others in between. The Zenlet wallets are very different to all of these in a few key ways. The aluminium used is rigid and has a very nice tactile feel in the hand. Not having any flexibility can be awkward sometimes in your back pocket, but it also gives you piece of mind that your cards are well protected from any bending damage. The built in RFID blocking really adds a lot of value to these wallets and having the ability to tap a card without removing it is also a very handy touch.


I am an avid cyclist and for me, the Zenlet wallet really kicks some goals in this scene. With it's super slim and compact design, the 2 Series easily slips into a jersey pocket and is unnoticeable due to it's lightweight design. Paying for a morning coffee is made easy by tapping the wallet lid against the payment device and returning it back to it's pocket without sweaty hands having to touch money nor cards to make for a smooth transaction. I receive lots of comments when paying for goods, weather it be at a cafe, supermarket or even purchasing movie tickets on date night. It's something different, it looks futuristic and it's so fast and easy to use that it's normally a flash before people's eyes and they are left wondering what just happened…


Needless to say, these wallets don't get the attention they deserve. They are beautifully crafted, very practical and a joy to hold in your hand. The Zenlet 2 Series wallet has become a daily used item for myself and I would love for many more to be able to enjoy the same experience I have from these products.