2017 Signature Tour Day Eight

St. Hellen’s to Swansea – 125kms

Yesterday was a huge day on the bike, and I would be lying if I said that my legs were feeling super fresh. We stepped outside into the chill of the morning and it nearly took our breath away… It was freezing! We didn’t realise how cold it was actually going to get this morning. Zero degrees were the readings from our bike computers. I ride with no gloves due to some problems I have with the nerves in my hands, so as we rolled off the start line from Percy Steele Reserve in St Helens, my fingers felt like they were going to drop off.

As the sun rose over the misty waters, lots of locals came down to give us a roaring send off.

We received a Jens Voigt signed bike number at breakfast that included his favourite hashtag “#shutupcancer” Again another very timely reminder, given our aching limbs, of why we ride.

The route for today took us through vineyards, dairy farms and gentle rolling hills that seemed like a breeze after the brutal climbs of yesterday. After 33km of stunning coastline, we stopped at Four Mile Creek for morning tea, before heading to Bicheno Primary School where the kids gave our peloton a rock star welcome and escorted us into their school.

Our caterers had cooked up a delicious curry for lunch. Our catering team on tour are the most amazing people. They work tirelessly through the day and night to make sure the whole team are fuelled and ready to attack each day with the energy we need. Tour would not be the same without this team of people and we cant thank them enough for keeping us rolling each day.

We finished todays stage in Swansea by the ocean. What a beautiful view! It was awesome to see a familiar area. This is the same finishing spot from 2014.

Tonight was Chapeau Awards Night. As you may or may not know, 'chapeau' is a French term for hat, but in cycling it's a term of respect - a way of saying “I take my hat off to you.” So many people on tour need to be commended for their efforts and contributions to the team an making sure that our trip runs smoothly. It takes a huge amount of hard work to get the juggernaut that is Signature Tour 2017 from one state to another. Every single person on this tour has done an incredible job - transporting all our bags and equipment, driving the trucks, feeding and watering hordes of hungry riders, treating our ailments, repairing our bikes, navigating and driving, hitting up the media and filming and photographing all those special moments..........the list goes on and on. There are so many great people in the Tour de Cure family and Im so happy to be a part of it.

Day Eight - Live Map Tracking: https://www.relive.cc/view/921551047

Todays Profile

Todays Profile

If you remember from last years tour, we had some scarves that travelled around with us. These scarves bear peoples names who could not be with us on tour for whatever reason. As part of fundraising, Donations were made in order to write down a name to travel with us. Its a pleasure to have carried these names across our country with us.

Tomorrow is a big day and its our final day. It is about 130kms long and we are in Tasmania, so its not a nice flat ride, there are some lumps in there. We also need to be in Hobart for our finale lunch, so that means that we are starting at 4am tomorrow morning. Its now 10:30pm, so Im going to close off here.

Thank you so much for following along with me again for another successful tour and I will do a full final blog post once I return home for a wrap-up.