2017 Signature Tour Day Four

Traralgon to Inverloch – 130kms (90kms)

Gale force winds and Rain! Crazy day on a bike!

It wouldnt be a Tour without some dirt roads!

It wouldnt be a Tour without some dirt roads!

As we rolled down to breakfast this morning in the thick mist, there was some new energy in the air. Oh, that’s right, we have stage riders today! Each Peloton got slightly bigger as we welcomed the stage riders to our teams for the next two days. There were some nervous riders around, as some of them have only ridden a bike for six months, but they had nothing to worry about. They were stepping into a great bunch of people to get them up to speed on Tour riding and to calm their nerves.

Mark Beretta selfie time!

Mark Beretta selfie time!

We also welcomed three times Olympic gold medalist Drew Ginn for his second year on Tour. Another fantastic guy to be around and what a great guy to sit behind on the bike. He’s about six foot four and when I sit on Drew’s wheel, I cant see anything that is ahead of me, but boy do I get a good slip stream from him. This man can definitely ride a bike! It was great to catch up him.

As today was a Monday, we visited lots of schools! These are such a highlight of Tour. When forty cyclists ride into a school its always going to be exciting for the kids. They ask for high fives, what football team you follow, why we have funny handlebars and many more creative questions. These kids play a massive part in what Tour de Cure stand for in the cancer prevention scene and they bring us so much joy every time we visit a school. We present to the kids the “Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy” message, that teaches them how to be smart about skin care, the foods they should eat and staying active, all to help prevent the chances of getting cancer.

I’m going to start mentioning some of our sponsors on here. I think its very important to recognise the amazing support they give the Tour de Cure organisation throughout the year. Tonight’s sponsor is Lexus.

Lexus have been part of TdC since the very start. Every year for eleven years, they have leant us beautiful cars to help keep us safe on the road and to transport our many crew members around the country. These cars a like space ships inside and very, very, very comfortable to sit in after being on a bike all day. And how good do they look in Tour de Cure branding!!!

After our school visit, it was time to make our way to our lunch stop. Little did we know what was in-store for us. As we rolled closer, the winds started to pick up. They got stronger and stronger as the minutes went by and in no time, we were battling 50-60km per hour diagonal cross headwinds. This put the riders in some serious risk. Trees were dropping branches and riders were being pushed all over the road. As a bigger rider, I am used in this situation to help shield our woman riders from the strong winds. This can be quite challenging whilst descending at 40-50kms per hour and every single rider in the group has to have faith in their surrounding team mates. If I can have all my weight leant over into the wind and still be pushed across the road like I weigh nothing, then you know the weather means business.

We made it to our lunch stop and the rest of the days riding was cancelled. It was just too dangerous and would put too many people at risk to continue. We rode 90kms for the day, but after battling the conditions, it felt like we did 150kms.

Home safe and sound and ready for some sleep.

Its now 10:45pm and im going to turn in early. We need to go back to out lunch stop in the morning to pick up our bikes before returning for breakfast at 6am in Inverloch.

Nighty night

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