T.V. Special!!!

Its T.V. Special Time!!! 

Be sure not to miss it! Its the best one yet! 

Channel 7 are airing the 2016 Tour de Cure Special Australia-wide. The times are as follows;
SATURDAY 28th January, 10.00am - Adelaide - 12.00noon - Perth - 1.30pm - Darwin - 2.00pm - Brisbane - SUNDAY 29th Januray, 10.00am - Melbourne, Sydney & Hobart.

Sydney Finish 2016.jpg

Hats off to the Channel 7 film crew. They do an amazing job to showcase what Tour de Cure do over the 10 day period. So sit back enjoy!


Saturday saw Deon, Jodi and myself at Wynnum West Bunnings, serving a sausage sizzle to the masses. This was a big day, but it was also a very successful day of fundraising.

A total of $2400 raised for Tour de Cure and many very happy customers!

I would like to say a big thank you to;

'Prime Cut Meats' for the donation of the sausages. This was a huge help on the day to our profits and the sausages were amazing! We had lots of compliments.

Also to Pauline and Woolworths for their generous donations to help subsidise our costs. This kind of support is such a massive help to the success of our events and we really do thank you for helping us out.

We had our second assessment ride for 2017 on Sunday. This was specified to be 120kms with 900m of elevation. The weather looked great and temperature had dropped considerably from what we had been used to through the week. I can't say that I felt "on top of the world", but I was very much looking forward to the ride and the route we had planned.

We met at Bulimba for a 5am start and made our way down the coast to Hope Island. We had 6 riders for the morning and considering the headwind on the way down, we were making excellent time. The halfway point was of course a coffee stop! Time for us to refuel the body and hope that we got to ride a tailwind back home. And we did! 

I had ridden to the Bulimba that morning before the ride, so that gave me 25kms before we set off. After leaving the coast and as we got closer to the finish, I had to make the choice of turning for home or sticking with the team all the back to Bulimba. I had completed the required distance for the day, but I decided to keep rolling. The weather was just perfect and I was really looking forward to a delicious meal on Oxford Street. This only meant that I had another 25kms to get home... The sun had finally come out in force and the wind was hitting me straight in the face for 90% of my trip home. Needless to say, I was tired, sore and I just wanted to get home. 

I rolled through the gate, down the driveway and into the garage with 182kms on my Garmin.

That was a massive day!