Day 8 - Forster to Hawks Nest (110kms)

Stage riders have joined us once again...

Thanks to Lexus (a major sponsor of Tour de Cure) for giving us these beautiful cars for 10 days.

Thanks to Lexus (a major sponsor of Tour de Cure) for giving us these beautiful cars for 10 days.

Today we rode with 37 stage riders. These are riders who have joined us for 2 days on tour as a way to get a 'taste' for tour, or due to work commitments, they cant get time off, etc. 

A good mate of mine from Brisbane has joined me on tour this year in the form of a stage rider. Deon has been a great support to me over the years I have been with TdC and I have ridden many kms with him during this time. Deon is a fantastic guy and a perfect fit for the Tour de Cure mould. I am super happy to have him along for these couple of days and maybe next year I can convince him to sign up for a full tour... We will see. :)

I thought todays stage was going to be a bit of a "recovery" ride for us. A 110km ride with 1000m of elevation. Normally to us, this would sound like a pretty easy ride. You can accumulate 1000m of climbing by just riding over rolling roads for the day. As per normal TdC routing, this was not going to be the case. There were 2 pinch climbs and one of which was %16 at the top. The locals all knew what was in-store for us, but the rest of us didnt. The route also took us down a nice gavel track today. There are not normally any planned dirt sections, but apparently this was an ok route to take.

Wow!!! Talk about rough roads.... It had loose gravel on the surface, corrugated sections that threw water bottles out of bottle cages and on top of that, it was an 8km long section.


Tour de Cures fund raising tally for tonight is: $4,714,669! and we are still climbing!

Today was a special day to roll into Hawks Nest as our final destination. I had some family live in Maitland (about an hours drive) who were waiting for the team to turn up on our bikes. You may remember my tour dedication from day 1 when I spoke about my Uncle Trevor. He, his wife and his daughter and grand daughter were waiting for us on the finish line with signs in hand and shearing our names. It was such a great feeling seeing familiar faces and showing them what happens on tour.

They also attended the community dinner for tonight at the Hawks Nest Golf Club. What  great way to finish off another big day on the bike!

Tonights dinner was fantastic once again. We have really had such a great reception form the local towns we have been in or at the schools that we have presented to.

My fund raising is sitting on $14,795 and my goal is to raise $15,000 or more. In order for me to achieve this goal, I really need you to please share this blog post with as many people as possible and ask them to kindly make a donation. (top left hand corner.)

Before I go to bed (and I am very much in need of some great sleep.) I would like to thanks the chiefs that we have on tour with us. Their work is phenomenal and we really cant thank Chris and his team for taking up he challenge once again! 

Cooking breakfast in the back of the truck.

Cooking breakfast in the back of the truck.

Good Night.