Day 7 - Crescent Head to Forster (196kms)

It was hard to have breakfast looking over this view this morning...

team 2.jpg

The media team had it all on the go this morning. For our live cross and roll-out, we had live footage from the camera drone that is part of out team this year. Its pilot (Aaron) has been getting some amazing footage for the Channel 7 team to use in the documentary for this years tour. I cant wait to see what they produce!

This morning was extra special. I had the privilege of doing a school presentation before we started riding. This one had a twist! We were live with the Mount Isa School of the Air.

This is a school that is run over the radio waves and is broadcast all over Australia. Lisa (in the photo above) is one of the teachers for this school. We presented the 'Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy' message to kids from all over this morning. They couldnt see us and we couldnt see them, but it was an amazing experience to be part of. The kids were full of energy and had loads of questions for us to answer. 

I was a very special moment indeed.

Today I was in the last peloton to leave. This is the peloton that needs to take Mark Beretta after his final cross to the Sunrise Studio. We had been put together with some pretty strong guys today to try and get Mark into Forster before the sun went down. Its not very nice to leave last every day and come home in the dark.

Did someone say, "ride really fast"...!? 

Todays average speed was 31km/h over the 196km course. I have to say that I cant remember when I last rode for that long, holding such a high pace. It was great fun. 

At the schools and along with the colouring in competitions, we have been presented with a helmet that the students have been decorating / designing to be displayed in a gallery for Tour de Cure. Here is one of the helmets we have received on this tour.

We also picked up our second lot of 'stage riders' for this tour. They will be riding with us for the next 2 days before we arrive in Sydney of Sunday. A good mate of mine (Deon) who you might remember from some country tours I did, is along for the 2 days this tour. I cant wait to ride with him on a Signature Tour!

If there are any people who are underestimated on tour, it would have to be the support crew. They work from the early morning and late into the night. There are so many jobs that need to be done and so many things that just need to happen for everything on tour to work. From making sure we are safe on the road to making sure we are hydrated to managing all our luggage each day, these guys and girls are amazing and without them, there would be no tour. I have taken a support role on a country tour in the past, but I cant begin to imagine the stress and mental draining that happens on a signature tour. 

My hat goes off you lovely people! 

A quick fundraising update. The 2016 signature has raised a massive 2.5 million dollars and its still climbing! That is fantastic! This means that Tour de Cure have so far raised $4,644,715 dollars for 2016.

Its not too late to donate, so please click the "donate" button at the top left of this webpage and follow all the information. That would be most appreciated.

Its been a great day on the bike, but I need some sleep!