Day 4 - Glen Innes to Armidale (110km)

Did I hear that a sleep-in was taking place this morning...!? 

After a massive 500kms in 3 days, the whole team was feeling a bit low on energy. Luckily for us, there was a sleep-in planned, so this meant breakfast was served at 7:00am. Outside the the Glen Innes Town Hall, the food truck had prepared the normal breakfast buffet for us to fill up on. Breakfast plays a very important part of our day and makes sure we have plenty of fuel in the tank to take us through to our lunch stop.

We knew today was going to be a bit of an easier ride than the last few days. It was only 110kms and not too much in the way of climbing. We all needed to spin our legs over and give them some recovery for the big days to come. We couldnt believe our luck with the clear blue skies all day. It had rained all through the night and I was sure we would be rolling out in the freezing cold rain this morning. A 4 degree start this would not have been fun if the sky had opened up on us.

Today we were visiting six schools between the teams. My team went to TAS (The Armidale School).

This was a beautiful little school. The kids were great as normal and they had been doing their research on what Tour de Cure are all about. This year Tour de Cure have been running competitions within the schools we are visiting along our journey and all the kids have the chance to win a new bike, thanks our sponsor Specialized. The kids have been colouring in pictures for us and putting their creative minds together to design an image that could be chosen to be printed on all our water bottles next year. How cool is that!!!

Tonight the team have been billeted out to local Armidale residents. These are very special moments on tour for me. Its a chance to really help spread what Tour de Cure are doing and give the supporters a better insight into what happens on tour. Tonight I have been kindly taken in by Tim and Raylene. What a lovely couple. They live up on the hill and as Tim drove me home this afternoon we took a slight detour to where we could see over the whole City. The colour of the trees at this time of year is just amazing and you could see this colour for miles in the distance. It really creates a stunning backdrop with the mountain range finishing off the view.

Tim and Raylene joined us for the Armidale community dinner tonight. It was a full house with 420 people in attendance. It was a fantastic night. The food was top notch, the entertainment and live auctions were professional and the company and conversation was awesome. Its really great to see so much support from Armidale and its community. It makes me want to come back and take part in its Tour de Rocks mountain bike fundraising event some time. Tour de Rocks is a partner and raises money for Tour de Cure.

A huge thanks to Tim and Raylene for the lovely hospitality tonight. It really is very much appreciated and it has been a pleasure to have met you and your family.

A massive congratulations to Zac (my brother) tonight!

Zac was awarded the yellow category jersey for Attitude. He has shown some amazing attitude over the last few days on tour. He is willing to help out where needed and always does so with a smile on his face. He gets in amongst the action at the schools and even though he might be tired and sore, he continues to push himself every day to get to the finish.

I am super proud of how far he has come since riding his first country tour a couple of years ago and im having a great time being able to ride along side him and share some amazing moments of the tour with him on the bike.

Well done Zac! You are going to look smashing in yellow tomorrow!

I still cant believe I get to spend ten days on a  bike with this bloke again.

What an amazing ambassador for Tour de Cure!

Jens announced at tonights dinner that he is putting his name down for the next 10 years! How cool is that! What a Superstar!

And a character... German Flipman?!

Good night everyone.