Day 3 - Grafton to Glen Innes (160km)

Well, after day 3, I am pretty tired and sore... 

Today has been a monster day backing up from yesterday's 218kms. There were plenty of sore legs around and with a 5:30am roll-out, we were all very tired. 

Not only did we have a well known hard climb in the middle of todays ride, but there were plenty of climbs on the way to the base and after lunch to get into Glen Innes. It was a nice easy pace as we set off this morning. As the days go on, our legs begin to get more and more tender. The first 5-10kms of each day are used to "settle in" and find a rhythm.

I have to say, with all the fog and dew that was around this morning, It was such a pretty start to the day. As the sun peaked through the fog, the greenery of the countryside started to show. The bike is truly a great way to see some of our amazing scenery.

At the base of the Gibraltar climb, our peloton re-grouped and refuelled ready for the 18kms of climbing ahead of us. I wont lie, it was a tough climb. It wasnt as steep as I thought it was going to be, it just kept going... It was always going to be tough, but I also didnt think that I was going to push myself as hard as I did. Im pretty happy with the way I climbed today. Im still not quick, but I made it to the top pretty comfortably in my books. 

Jens Voigt gave a helping hand on the climb. Its not every day that you get pushed up a mountain by an ex-pro cyclist of his caliber. Its also pretty amazing to ride away from a rest stop and have Jens Voigt cheering and calling your name as you roll by.


After lunch, we had 60kms to Glen Innes. Little did we know that the weather was about to turn a bit nasty... We could see the black clouds slowly rolling in towards us as we got closer and closer to town. The wind at this point had also picked up and was blowing a few people around. As the rain came down, the temperature dropped around 8 degrees and we had to pull over to put on some warm gear. From here, it was a slow run into town and our muscles were starting lock-up from the cold temps. These are not fun times on the bike, but we are not here for an easy ride.

I wrote about Sam last night and thought I would put a face to the name.

Mark and Sam with the blue jersey for Guts.

Mark and Sam with the blue jersey for Guts.

He is a cool kid with a fantastic personality. James Tobin interviewed him this morning on Sunrise and he also saw us off from Grafton.

Having to go through 12 months of Chemo at the age of 11 is not right. 

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