Just over three weeks to go!!!

With just over three weeks to go until the 2016 Signature Tour Team leaves Brisbane, there is still lots of work to be done!

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot happening in preparation for this years tour. Along with work and family life, we all need to fit in the time to fund raise and train. As you will know, we have our big Trivia fund raising event this weekend. (9th April) All the details can be found on the events page if you have not yet booked your tickets: CLICK HERE. I can't wait!

Training has been up and down for me this year and I haven't been able to get out on the bike as much as I had hoped.

The training we have done over the last few weeks has been pretty tough! We have ridden plenty of hilly routes, including, the Mt Nebo Goat Track, Mt Gravatt, Mt Nebo to Mt Glorious, Mt Tambourine, Mt Coot-tha and I am sure there are others in there also.

On Sunday (just gone) we had an assessment ride due. The TdC training team, track all the tour riders using GPS to make sure we are hitting our training goals that have been set for us. (You can view my GPS data on the right hand side of this page if interested.) 

On the weekend we had our final assessment ride before tour. This consisted of 160kms in distance with a minimum of 2,000m of elevation (climbing). To help put this into perspective, Mt Coot-tha is about 350m in climbing elevation...

After a few stops for water, food and a flat tyre, we were very pleased to make it back to the pub for a well deserved meal and an ice cold cider! 

It was a hot day on the bike and after our 80km ride on Saturday also, my legs were not very happy with me...

What a cheeky duck! 

What a cheeky duck! 

From my workshop :)

People ask me technical questions all the time;

"How often do you clean your bike?" - "What sort of pressure do you run in your tyres?"

So, I thought I would start adding some technical info into the blog. I have made lots of changes to bikes in regards to setup, gearing, parts and more over the years and I like to do all of my own servicing where I can. I have a number of people who come to me for bike servicing throughout the year and I really enjoy keeping up to date with the latest tech and specs in the cycling world. 

Over the weekend, I gave my bike a thorough clean. It was filthy from riding up the Nebo goat track. It was a wet day, the entire climb is literally a dirt track.

Bike scrubbed with Muc-off bike cleaner.

Bike scrubbed with Muc-off bike cleaner.

When cleaning down the bike, its important to get into all the areas that can build up with grime. The cleaner you can keep your bike and its running gear (chain, gears etc.) the easier it will be to keep clean / maintain in the future and the nicer it will ride on the road. After the bike was washed and dried off, it was time to give the bottom bracket a service.

Inside the bottom bracket shell. Old grease and bearing on the other side.

Inside the bottom bracket shell. Old grease and bearing on the other side.

Once the cranks are removed, I was able to clean out all the old grease and muck, clean the bearings and crank spindle ready for new grease and re-installation. This is something that should be done once every 6-12 months depending how many kms you are riding.

I'm going to leave you with some photos from our Easter weekend away. We all took a trip to Coffs Harbour for the long weekend to catch up with many family members who we don't see often enough. It was a fantastic time away!