Day 2 - Hastings Point to Grafton (218kms)

These are the epic days of the tour. Whenever there is 200 plus kilometres involved, you know its going to be a long day in the saddle.

Apologies in advance, but tonights blog might be a bit shorter than normal. Not only did we have an epic day today, but tomorrow is going to be even more epic... More on that tomorrow.

With a 4:30am start to the morning, everyone was on edge and ready to knock over some kms early before the sun got too high in the sky. We had 40kms to our morning tea stop in Byron Bay, where James Tobin was doing the Sunrise weather reports. 

The peloton I was in today really rolled well together. We averaged 29km/h for the day and we had the wind in our favour. It was a great chance to really get to know some of the new riders on tour and find out why they signed up to be part of Tour de Cure. When you spend over 7 hours next to the same people in one continuous block of time, you really get to know them well. There are some amazing people I get to share this journey with.

Peloton 3 - what a great bunch to roll with!

Peloton 3 - what a great bunch to roll with!

It was a truly great day on the bike today. 2 days down, 8 more to go. :)

The community in Grafton opened their arms to us tonight. Not only did they put on a fantastic feast, but the local support for what Tour de Cure are doing is amazing. 

Tonights highlight and probably the true highlight of the day, was a local boy named Sam. 

Sam is 11. He has a major connection with cancer in the form of a very rare type of cancer. Im not even going to try and spell its name, but its rare enough that he is the only person in Australia to have had it. Sam has undergone some very intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments during his battle. His family and friends have been a huge support base for him during his recovery and the town of Grafton has adopted him as the "towns son". The support that Grafton has given Sam is beyond imagination and he deserves every bit of it.

Sam has been given the all clear, or as Sam puts it, "Its done and dusted".

Children at the age of eleven (or any age for that matter) should not have had an experience like this in their life. Kids need to be kids! A major part of what Tour de Cure do, year round, is look to prevent kids like Sam from going through these horrible times.

More reasons for me to keep coming back? I think so!!! 

ac Harvey and I, at the start point in Brisbane.

ac Harvey and I, at the start point in Brisbane.