Big Update!

Hello lovely blog following people!

This is going to be a bit of a longer blog post than normal...

Along with some technical issues, there has been a lot going on in my world lately, so there is a lot to get through.

Big blog update, lets get started with a photo! :)

Brisbane River from the Go-Between Bridge.

Brisbane River from the Go-Between Bridge.

High Tea

The 2016 Tour de Cure High Tea proved to be as popular and as successful as its previous years. There were lots of familiar and new faces amongst the tables of guests. I always love seeing new people turn up to our events as it shows that the TdC message is doing its job and it also gives me a chance to entertain the thoughts of some new minds with what we are doing as part of the Tour de Cure team.

As normal, there was a great variety of delicious treats to be devoured!

As normal, there was a great variety of delicious treats to be devoured!

This year my brother (Zac), Sister (Jacinta) and Dad (Trevor) are all joining me on the 10 day Signature Tour for 2016.

Zac has stepped out of his comfort zone and taken up a full rider position on the team. Im super proud to have him on tour and in my team (Bisley) for the 10th Anniversary ride and I cant wait to spend 10 days on the tarmac (and occasional dirt road) riding beside him. I can remember back to my very first Signature tour and it was definitely a bit daunting thinking about the journey that was ahead. 

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

Take Me Tandem

As part of Jacinta's fundraising this year, she has started a "Take me Tandem" scarf that will travel with her everyday on tour.

Each one of these squares will be taken up by a name (or multiple names) as a way of taking that person on tour with us. These names may represent someone who has passed away from cancer, battling cancer or someone who would like to go on tour who just cant make it.

Its a way of taking these people with us on our journey and to remind us why we are doing what we do each day when the suffering gets tough. I know I will be looking at the names on this scarf over the 10 days to give me some extra drive when pedaling though the Tablelands.

If you would like to add a name to the scarf, Jacinta is taking donations of any amount. She can personally add the names to the scarf herself, or if you can meet up with her, she would love for you to fill in a square in person. You can contact Jacinta here: 

Garage Sale Time!

We recently put on a 2 day garage sale and sold some "amazing" items at rock bottom prices!

We had, old furniture, paintings, books, crockery, clothes, books, tools, toys, books, games, kitchen appliances, books, plants, suit cases and did I mention we had books...?

People came from all over to buy our junk and most customers walked away with a smile. There are some real bargain hunters out there...

It was a massive weekend of wheeling and dealing, but at the end of the weekend we had raised a massive $900 for Tour de Cure!

Along with the fundraising, there is a bit riding that has to be done... when I say a bit, I mean A LOT! 

Currently, the TdC riders weekends are booked up with back to back 100km plus rides for our training. The weather over the past week, really hasnt helped me with my motivation to go for a ride. I generally dont leave the house on my bike if its raining. 

However, there is always motivation in the form of being able to ride with a Pro Cyclist! Like, Adam Hansen!!!

Adam Hansen - Lotto Soudal - Pro Rider

Adam Hansen - Lotto Soudal - Pro Rider

This was a fun morning on the bike with some mates and Adam.

Thanks to 'Cycle Haus' in Oxley ( for organising this opportunity and sharing Adam with us. 

A really lovely guy to be around and I wish him all the best for his 2016 season with the Lotto Soudal Team.

Well, im going to leave it there for now. I promise that it will not be this long again between blog posts in the lead-up to tour.

There is a heap of things happening in the coming weeks and I need to get loads of information out to you.

I thank you once again for following and for all your on-going support!

And for those of you hanging out till the end of the blog for a baby picture... here he is, My biggest supporter...