2015 Signature Tour Day 8 - Apollo Bay to Geelong

Almost there, one day to go! 

After a tough day of climbing, today was going to be a test of the legs for a lot of people. We rode 150kms with about 1,000ms of elevation. Although there was a bit of climbing to do, the stunning scenery along the coastline took all our minds off it.

The last couple of days have been some of the most beautiful riding I have done. Although it has been cold, I can imagine just how nice it would be to have this Ocean Road as a local training ground. The spirit of the group had definitely been lifted since we have had good weather. There was lots of talking and laughing whilst on the road. There are some pretty sore legs, but everyone pushed up the hills and made the most of the surroundings before we turned to ride in-land.

The final stop for the day was a high school. A member of my Tour Team is one of the teachers at this school. On tour, we normally only talk to primary school kids as the “Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy” message along with “Flipman” is aimed at the younger audience. So this presentation was going to have to be different, but still interesting enough to keep the students attention.

Gary, one of the founders of Tour de Cure, decided to run a ‘Q’ & ‘A’ session and interview a couple of cancer survivors who are with us on tour this year. Although the topics and information are very confronting, the Students responded really well to this talk. I think it could be the start of something that we might be able to do if there were high schools who would like us to stop by.

Once we left the school, we made our way back into town and down to a beachside park in Geelong. The whole team were there and we were the last group to arrive. Hugs all round as it had been a long day on the road and some great efforts made from all the team members. Not only were there all the other TdC crew in the park waiting, Stephanie and her parents were also there. i new they would be in Geelong, but I thought I would have to wait until dinner to see them. What a nice surprise!

Tonights dinner was held at the Geelong Football Club. It was a sell out! Lots of guests joined us for the evening and it was fantastic to see how Tour de Cure’s presence is getting bigger and bigger. We also donated $10,000 to the Canteen cancer charity. This money will go towards helping support young people between the age of 12-25 who are diagnosed with cancer. $10,000 well spent!!!

After dinner, I went back to my room to start getting ready for the final day. I was an email in my inbox the other day from a good mate back home that had a video attachment. As I had been pushed for time, I hadn't had a chance to watch it yet. I sat down about an hour ago and watched a perfectly executed “video from home” from all my friends and family. It was awesome and very funny in parts! I will definitely be riding into Melbourne tomorrow with some extra strength in my legs. Thank you to all who featured a part in the video, it really means a lot to me that I have such an awesome support group back home! Thank you.

Well, its the final day tomorrow and we actually get a bit of a sleep in. Ive just set my alarm for 6:30 and I need to be ready to roll on my bike 6:50. 20mins is totally enough time to do everything! ;) Im going to use the sleep in as an advantage and finish the blog here for the night.

Thanks again to everyone for the support. Ill talk to you tomorrow when I do the final wrap-up.