2015 Signature Tour Day 6 - Mt Gambier to Warrnambool

After a nice restful afternoon yesterday, today was still going to be a tough trip in the saddle. 220kms and 1000ms elevation lay ahead of us. 

Look at our blue jerseys!!!

So on our 200th funded project, 220 kms to ride and a $200,000 cheque donated by Woolworths this morning. Wow, what a massive effort by these guys! They are such a great sponsor to have on board with Tour de Cure.

We rolled out of breakfast with our blue jerseys in full show. It was still aa chilly so we had to put our wind vests under our jerseys so we didn’t freeze… Our day was broken up into roughly 50km sections to help us mentally get through the distance.

We were flying! not sure what was going on, but the groups pace just perfect. We made it to morning tea in no time. We fuelled up and kept our stop short so people didn’t get too cold and so we stuck to the schedule. Between morning tea and lunch, the weather decided it had had enough of being nice to us… The skys opened and the rain fell, we were wet and cold once again.

We arrived at out school visit for the day where my team, Bisley, would be doing the kids presentation. These are lots of fun and the kids have a ball!

At lunch, the sun was out and sining on us. It looked like the weather had made change for the good and we might see some more sunlight. I was correct! I was able to take my arm warmers off for the first time on this tour. With only a few kms to go, the whole team was in very high spirits. There were a lot of riders in our peloton who had never ridden over 200kms in one ride before. They did an amazing job!

Everyone deserved a reward back at the bar tonight for such an awesome job on the road today. Tomorrow is out hardest day. We will be climbing over 2500ms of elevation with a 180km distance. 

Its going to hurt…