2015 Signature Tour Day 4 - Robe to Mt Gambier

Ahhh… a sleep in! Breakfast this morning was at the Robe foreshore at 6:30am and had a beautiful outlook over the water while we enjoyed some hot food from Canadian Kitchens, our caterers. The sky was blue and we could actually see the sun coming up, so it looked like it was going to be a great day for a ride.

Mark Beretta was back on duty for the weekly Sunrise live cross and we needed to look our best as we rolled out in front of the camera crew. As per normal and right on cue, we clipped into our pedals, started to turn the legs and the sky decides to let go of some more water… Lucky we were used to it by now, cause we were going to be stuck with it all day from here.

Today was the first of our school visits and it started at morning tea in Beachport. 

The school visits are a highlight of the tour experience. The kids are amazing to talk to and the rewards you get from presenting the Tour de Cure message of “Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy” is indescribable. 

We had another 53kms to lunch which was also at a school in Tantanoola. This was such a great little school with a total of 12 kids. Can you imagine being in grade one to six with 12 kids int he school and then having 150 Tour de Cure people invade and want to chat?! :)

The majority of the work had beeb done today, but it was not over. We still had about 30kms to go and it looked like were riding into the worst weather of the day. The wind had picked up and as we got closer to Mt Gambier it started to bucket with rain. Luckily we were nearly there and the peloton were moving at a pretty good pace.

We had to make a corporate visit when we arrived in town at the local Commonwealth Bank Branch. Its not very often you walk into your bank to find 30 cyclists with their bikes having refreshments inside your local branch. We really do get treated well by our sponsors.

Tonights dinner was fantastic. I sat at a table of local Big W employees who had come along to support us as we passed through. Big W have been helping raise money by selling yellow TdC handballs Australia wide.

All the money raised goes directly to Tour de Cure. So if you see them for sale in your local Big W, please help us by purchasing a yellow ball and spread the Tour de Cure awareness with someone.

Chilling with a mate! James Tobin

Chilling with a mate! James Tobin