2015 Signature Tour Day 3 - Meningie to Robe

After the last two days, surely it we would hit some good weather. Nearly, but not quite…

Looking Over Lake Albert In Meningie

Looking Over Lake Albert In Meningie

Channel 7 and J.T. were at breakfast this morning in Meningie. They were running around filming all the breakfast happenings and talking with the locals about the dinner from last night. They really do an awesome job of documenting the whole tour experience for us to show to the country.

Today was always going to be a big day! Its a 188kms of flat road, but this can be pretty tough as sitting in the saddle for that amount of time can really hurt… The day was broken up into 4 sections. Between morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and the final stop.

When we woke up, it was around the 14 degree mark. We were pretty happy with that as its warmer than the past couple of days have been. As we rolled out however, it started to rain. This makes things a lot worse! Once our clothes are wet, its very hard to stay warm with the freezing wind hitting you. I thought to myself, “this is going to be one tough tour if we don’t get a decent break from bad weather.” 

For me the second section was the hardest. There was light rain and chilling wind and I could just not get comfortable with my frozen feet and fingers. We all know what we signed up for and tour was never meant to be easy. 

Lunch was along side the Princess Highway and we were just over halfway at this point. Again, trying to keep lunch a bit shorter so we didn’t get any colder, we gathered together to run through last part of our day. So far, so good. We had still been getting some pretty strong cross winds today, but only about 20kms/h. So it was much nicer and easier to manage. The winds did not let up, but we did not let it beat us! We rolled into Robe as a very happy and exhausted group of cyclists. With about 4 flat tyres in our group and the cross winds, we still managed to average 28kms/h, so we were definitely working to get home.

Dinner was delicious! Stuffed chicken on creamy mash with all the sides to go with! Couldn’t ask for much better! We donated a cheque for $10,000 to a local cancer service. This service provides after hours care, transport and out of funding help for cancer patients around the Robe area. The closest hospitals are 80 and 130kms away, so this service does a lot of hard work for the affected people. It was nice to hear from a coupe of the ten volunteers who work in this group about how the money donated by TdC will help them in their day to day work. A very worth while group to support.

Fingers crossed for a beautiful day tomorrow! (Its raining as I type this post…) Maybe one day on this tour we will get some nice warm and dry weather.

Thats pretty much all from me tonight. Lack of sleep is slowly catching me, but i do get a slight sleep in. Waking up at 5:30 tomorrow! :)