State of Origin Tour Day 3 - Killarney to Casino

Total riding: 146km, ascent 1,395m

It was an early start this morning, with a 5:30am breakfast. We enjoyed our breakfast around the open camp fire this morning as the temperature was around two degrees at the Killarney Sundown Hotel.

After breakfast, we had 53kms to ride to the first school visit for the day at Woodenbong Central State School. It was a cold start to the day and it took us 5-10kms to get the legs warm.

Next stop on the agenda was Wiangaree Public School. This was a great little school to visit. The 18 kids who attend this school were a joy to get to know during our stay. When we arrived, the kids brought out fresh oranges and handed them around to the riders and crew. Presenting to such a small group of kids was just so much fun. The personalities of these students just made our day.

Wiangaree Flipman presentation

Wiangaree Flipman presentation

All the Wiangaree students and TdC riders

All the Wiangaree students and TdC riders

15kms from Wiangaree was our lunch stop for the day and our final school visit, Kyogle Primary School. On the menu for lunch was seafood & chicken laksa, rice & bean salad, pork & salad rolls and clear noodle salad followed by ice-cream & brownie’s for desert. Man, we can eat some food after 120kms on the bike! After the Flipman presentation, a group of five girls from the school had their own choreographed dance to perform for the TdC team. What a fantastic way to finish a school visit.

Our final leg for the day took us to the Clydesdale Motel in Casino. It had been a fantastic day on the bike. The group rode really well together despite the tough day we had yesterday. There were a lot of tender bodies around, but everyone pushed on and made good time to all our locations.

Taken from my bike at the rear of the peloton.

Taken from my bike at the rear of the peloton.

Dinner tonight in Casino was at the Steak Barn at the Clydesdale Motel and was hosted by David Duff. David is a long time TdC member and has played a major part in many tours over the years. He shared his story with the team and guests about how he came to know and be a part of Tour de Cure through close family battles with cancer. David is a valued member of the TdC family and without him it would not run as smoothly as it does.

Tonight the pink category jersey was awarded to Dad (Trevor Morris). The pink jersey for Tour de Cure is a very special jersey as it represents inspiration. This is awarded to people within the TdC tour team our anyone we meet along the way who we deem to be a very inspirational person by the way they live their life and the things they do for others. My Dad is definitely an inspiration to me and he is very deserving of the jersey. I look forward to seeing him in pink tomorrow!

I found a great pin board on the wall of the Steak Barn tonight and I seized the opportunity to add to it.

Can you spot it? :)

The $5,000 cheque was presented to Dr Adam and Jacque Boyce from the St Vincent’s Hospital, Lismore - Oncology Unit. This money is going to allow them to purchase a chair called the Stephen H Comfort chair. This chair provides unique capabilities enabling improved comfort and support to patients during chemo treatment.

It has been a very long today and we have an another early start for everyone tomorrow morning as it is the longest distance and the most ascent we have had so far on tour. A well needed sleep is in order.

Sleep tight!

Home made bike, found at  Wiangaree Public School

Home made bike, found at Wiangaree Public School