State of Origin Tour Day 2 - Boonah to Killarney

Total riding: 85km, ascent 1,835m

Back on the bike for the second day of the State of Origin Country Tour. The whole team have been working super hard throughout tour to raise the funds needed to help find a cure for cancer. The monetary support we have received during out trip has been fantastic, so keep spreading the word! 

After our first day of riding, we were happy to hear the news that we would be able to have a late start of a 7am breakfast. What great news! Canadian kitchens had eggs, toast, cereal, yogurt, fruit and plenty more delicious foods to fuel our bodies for the morning.

Today was Team Time Trial day. This involves each team on tour to have a fun race over a 5km section of road. We were let go in 30 second intervals and timed over the designated distance. The fastest team from this event would earn some points towards the final “Team of Tour” award. This was a lot of fun! Go Team Huawei!!!

From here we made our way towards the base of our first climb for the day. We knew we were in for a tough day in the mountains. We re-grouped at the bottom of the 3km climb and rode at our own pace up the first part of the Great Dividing Range which pinched to 24% in some places. This climb tested a lot of people and I am sure there are going to be some tender legs tonight. I sat at the back with Zac and a few others who were cramping and having a really tough time on the hill. This climb was unrelenting and every corner you turned the road seemed to get steeper and steeper…

We gathered at the top of the first hill to refill our water bottles and have a quick bite to eat, before rolling 13kms to the base for the second and final big climb for the day. This was about 5km up and reached a leg burning 19% incline in some spots. The cheer squad and support crew did a fantastic job of helping all the riders make the journey to the top! Without their smiling faces and encouragement, it would have been a whole lot tougher I’m sure.

Zac rode really well. This is the hardest climb he has had undertaken since becoming a bit more serious about cycling. It was a great feeling to ride along side my brother and give him the encouragement he needed to tackle such a hard and demanding day on the bike. I am very proud of his efforts and look forward to having more amazing days with him.

At the top of the ascent, we stopped at the amazing Spring Creek Mountain Cafe for lunch. An outdoor setting with a stunning mountainous backdrop made all the hard work and pain disappear. 


The day was not over and we still had another 30kms to go before making out final stop at the Killarney State School. We made it just in time to give the “Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy” presentation to the kids before school ended for the day.

Dinner tonight was hosted by Zac and Jacinta, and the dinner was provided by the local Lions Club. We ate dinner under the stars with a camp fire burning next to us. It was a fantastic way to celebrate a Country Tour dinner. 

Zac and Cinta spoke about how they got involved with Tour de Cure and the reasons they continue to support and be part of the TdC family. There were some emotional moments, but these are the reasons that drive us to continue spreading the awareness and raising funds needed to find a cure.

The $5,000 cheque for tonight, was presented to Jane and Kim from the Warwick Hospital. This money is going to help them refurbish the palliative care rooms for future use. I really look forward forward to seeing the photos of the transformation these rooms will undergo in the near future.

Before we packed down the dinner settings and crawled into a nice warm bed, we were treated to some local entertainment. Trevor had a couple of great poems that he had memorised to share with us. We sat around the camp fire on some hay bails and listened to Trevor work his magic. This inspired one of our crew members, Don, to also stand up and re-sight a poem that he too had memorised. Its not very often you have a night like tonight. It has been a wonderful night of celebration and definitely a night to remember, but we all need to get a good nights sleep.

We have 3 school visits tomorrow and very, very cold and early start to the day tomorrow. The locals told us there was frost yesterday morning… Time for some warm riding gear I think.

Nighty night.