Tour Dedication...


As each Tour rolls around, I have more and more personal reasons to continue riding, supporting and raising money to help Tour de Cure find a cancer cure.

The State of Origin Tour is just around the corner now and once again, I know that I will be taking away some amazing and inspirational memories from this 4 day journey.

Each of my tours have been dedicated to special people in my life who have been touched by this disease. My State of Origin Tour is dedicated to a close work colleague of mine. (let’s call him Bill for writing purposes)

I have known and worked with Bill for nearly 10 years and he has been a major part of my career as a Draftsman. He has guided me through some tough projects when I was out of my depth and has always had time to teach and help me expand my knowledge and skills. Bill has always taken an interest in what I’ve been up to on the weekends, and I am sure he has heard enough cycling related stories over the years to never look at another bike again. ("Joking")

Recently Bill came to me and told me the shocking news that he had been diagnosed with ‘Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma’ and would be needing some intense treatment in the coming months/years.

DLBCL is the most common subtype of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, accounting for 30%-40% of all cases. There are several types of DLBCL, with some of them being quite rare.

In talking with Bill, he has had to undergo a large amount of chemotherapy. The recent treatment has had a massive impact on his day to day life. He has been attending work one day per week if he feels up to it and even then it can be a struggle and can make things worse for the following days.

His recent progress scans have shown very good results, so this is great news! Bills future treatment will be on-going for the next 2 years with continuing scans to update his progress.

This disease affects so many people who are close to us. Bill is a kind and gentle man, who is admirably patient and helpful. He is a Husband, a father and great friend who is loved by all who meet him.

I know Tour de Cure are doing an amazing job in making sure the money raised is going to the right places and its stories like Bill’s that make all the hard work worthwhile.

I pray that all will go well with Bill’s future treatments and that he is back to full health in no time.

I will be thinking of him every day whilst on tour, knowing that my pain is nothing in comparison…