A big shout out to Brodies, Mealmakers!

Lei Yan (Owner of Brodies in Mt Warren Park) kindly donated the use of his store to help raise some money for Tour de Cure. Lei donated fish and chips to be sold on Good Friday and we also had baked goods available for purchase on the day.

Brodies logo.jpg

We had a great time with the staff and customers. They were all very supportive of what we were doing with Tour de Cure. Zac is the manager at Lei's store and he did all the cooking of the fish and chips in TdC uniform.

Lei told us that we are welcome anytime. That’s the kind of support we are after!


I received a lot of waving and thumbs-up from drivers whilst standing on the side of the road!


I also needed to re-fuel at the end of the day. What great customer service this restaurant has!


Thank you very much for your support Lei! It is greatly appreciated! I look forward to coming back to your store and raising more money with you soon!