Tour de Cure 2014 - Day 8...

Port Devonport - Launceston. 137kms with 1627m of climbing. Today was always going to be a great day. We had some extra sleep on the boat ride over, the weather in Tasmania was looking good and we were riding in a part of Australia that Tour de Cure had never been to before.

It was a cold morning in Tasmania and I have a feeling its only going to get colder as we get closer to Hobart... The channel 7 cross to the studios took place out on the deck of the Spirit of Tasmania and I got to hold the big cheque! 

A fresh start in a new place and we were ready to roll off the boat! Out we rode, the same way we rolled on. channel 7 film crew were waiting at the bottom of the ramp for us to pass them by and we were off into the countryside.

There wasnt too much hard climbing today. A lot of 3-4% gradients with a couple of small "pinches" to push over. Stephanie and Mum had located a spot to cheer from and Waited  patiently the riders arrive and ride past them. They looked great in yellow today and there were lots of lovely comments about the awesome job they have done to help us over those tough sections.

We may have taken a wrong turn today in our group. For some reason we found ourselves descending on a dirt road... This was quite steep and there were a few worried people who's bikes had never seen dirt before. With my mountain bike background, I wasnt really too worried. It can be interesting climbing a loose dirt road that pinches up at 18% in places on 23mm or 25mm wide, slick tyres... It was a pretty tough climb, but we all made it to the top with no problems.


We stopped at 2 schools today and this will be the last time for this tour that we see the kids and give them high fives. But the special part of today, was finishing in a massive part and sharing in some activities with the kids from "Camp Quality".

Camp Quality is an organisation who looks after children who are dealing with or recovering from cancer. They are amazing kids and families! We played with circus equipment and through balls across the park to each other. It was an amazing way to finish what was a very long day in the saddle.

The biggest highlight for me today, came in the form of a text message this morning when I got up to get ready. It was from my mate Matt, who I mention in an earlier blog post. The read that Matt had received his results back the day before and he has been given the all clear. He is now in remission from his battle with this nasty disease. Congratulations Matt, that was truly awesome news to receive! It gave me an extra 'lift' today and I was able to not only carry myself over the hills with more ease, but I was able to help some people who were having a bit of a 'low energy' day today.

Well, there are only 2 more days of tour left and I still need my sleep! There are some hard bit of terrain for us to tackle in the next couple of days and we all need to be at out our best possible performance. good night everyone!