Tour de Cure 2014 - Day 7...

Hi Folks. Sorry for the delay on yesterdays wrap-up blog. We arrived in Port Melbourne yesterday evening and boarded the Spirit of Tasmania ship to take us across the the water. We were running very behind time and there was lots to be done when we arrived. By the time I got to "blog writing" time, I didn't have any reception out on the ocean. So apologies for that.

Day 7 was Eildon to Port Melbourne. 154kms with 1834m of climbing. After a couple of very big days, the legs in the peloton definitely felt a little flat and low on energy. We left Eildon nice and early as usual after filling up on the delicious food from our caterers, and joining Mark Beretta for the live cross to the channel 7 studio. 

It looked like it was going to be another wet day on the bike... We had some more hills to climb and there were a lot of narrow roads on our route. The road we took was a main run for all the logging trucks. We had to ride single file and stay very alert on the bike. With wet roads and lots of traffic it cam be very dangerous at times. On the other hand, it was a stunning part of the world to be riding through. I think you will agree.

We stopped at a school for lunch and presented the Tours message of Be Fit, Be Healthy and Be Happy. The kids at this school were great fun! I love sitting amongst then and having a chat about what they have been up to and why they think we have ridden to see them. They also love the camera! :)

James Tobin was awarded the famous Muppet award last night! for the second time in a row. As we were climbing one of the biggest hills for the day, he managed to clip the wheel of the rider in-front of him and had a bit of a 'spill' on the road. He got and dusted himself off. He was fine. A few small scratches, but thats about all. The funny thing is that I got it all on film cause he was sitting behind me and I had my GoPro on the back of my bike and recording. :)

All up, it was a very tough day on the bike. There were many sore bodies walking around that afternoon. One of the highlights of the day, had to be riding up the ramp and onto the Ships cargo deck. Not many people would get to do that. We were first onto the ship so we could pack all the bikes in a secure location before they loaded all the cars on board.

We had dinner on the boat that night and some very in-formal presentations before making our way to bed for an early/longer sleep that normal. I was in bed by 10pm! :)

We presented the tour category jerseys and Stephanie and Mum (Alison) were awarded the yellow jersey, the "Attitude" jersey. They have been making sure they get a good cheering spot on the side of the ride for when we come past each day. Generally on the climbs we have been doing. Stephanie has been cranking the music out of her car and they have both been shaking big yellow and black pom-poms to give us some encouragement.

Congratulations to them both. They deserve every bit of the jersey and everyone on tour agrees!