Tour de Cure 2014 - Day 6...

Wangaratta to Eilden. 206kms with 2600m of climbing. The longest day on the 2014 Tour is complete! Wow! What an epic day on the bike. Today was always going to be a very tough day. Not only was it the longest day of riding, but there was a lot of climbing and we picked up our second lot of guest riders that we will be taking all the way to Melbourne. Amongst our guest we had a number of very well known people.


Phil Anderson - The first non European to wear the yellow jersey in the world famous Tour de France.

Belinda Goss - World champion track cyclist.


Rick Kelly - V8 Super car driver.

Having these guys on board with us was a lot of fun. The celebrities that join our ride are always great people to be around. They are there for the same reasons and they fit into the TdC family with no worries.

We rode out from St Pats school this morning. The kids at this school had made all of us a good luck token to take with us for the day. Receiving these gifts from the children we meet can be a high light for the day. I attached it to my bike before setting off and it was with me all day. Luck of the Irish! :)


The kids at St Pats had been working very hard on some TdC artwork for us. Look closely at the picture above. Its made up of stickers from fruit! Fantastic.

The climbing today was quite intense today. I have had some knee pain the last couple of days today it decided to get a bit worse... I have to strap it every morning from here on in to try and maintain the pain to get me home. There have been a lot of knee injuries this tour, but we arent here to do it easy. We are here to get the job done and raise the awareness and funds that TdC need, in order to find a cure for cancer.

The view can also be worth a bit of pain to get to the top also.

So the climbing was tough, the down hill runs were awesome and the kids at the schools were even better! We had a school play musical instruments to us today and sing us a song!

Today has been a very big day for everyone. I am really feeling the my sleep deprived body telling me to get to bed so I can feel "fresh" in the morning to make our way to Melbourne and catch the boat over to Tasmania! 

We are over halfway now and the days have been flying by.

Only 4 Days to go!