Tour de Cure 2014 - Day 5...

Corryong to Wangaratta. 185kms with 2100m of climbing. We have gone through some amazing country side changes on this years tour so far. We have also gone through a huge weather and temperature change over the last 5 days. It started out raining, then it was freezing cold, yesterday was beautiful and cool and then today the sun was blazing hot! 

We had a really good day on the bike. The terrain was up and down with a few steeper sections to get the blood pumping through the leg muscles. The heat from today made the climbs that little bit harder, but we made sure everyone got to the top with no worries.

On tour we stop at local schools along the way to present our message of "Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy." The kids at these schools are fantastic! They love having 60 riders roll in through the front gates and give them all high fives on the way past. We play hand ball, kick a footy, talk general life problems, like "I have dead nits in my hair..." There can be some very funny comments that you just cant help but laugh at.

We had another birthday today! It was J.T.'s (James Tobin) 34th birthday today.

Not only did we sing him happy birthday a number of times throughout the day, but he also managed to fall off his bike in front of a group of school kids as we pulled up to stop. It nearly earnt him the "muppet award." J.T. is a great guy and I have had the chance to ride beside him a number of times so far. He is great fun to have around with his happy and outgoing nature. 

The muppet award is given to someone on the tour team each night at dinner for a making a spectacle of themselves or doing something stupid. So far we have had the same rider win it twice in a row for; - Showing up wearing his wife's knicks (cycling shorts) that were from last year... and he filled his water bottle up with miso soup instead of water. Tonights winner took the prize by peeing on his own sunglasses... Dont ask me how he managed that...

The muppet is worn with pride!

We made it to Wangaratta for the night with a bit of downtime to spare. A quick dip in the freezing cold pool to sooth the muscles was on the cards along with hot shower and some bike cleaning and maintenance. All shmick and ready to look good on camera tomorrow! :)

Im the 8th person back, on the left hand side.

I have to appologise to those who are wanting to track me on the Garmin software. I havent had the greatest reception in these country towns so far, so my tracking hasnt worked... Sorry about that. You can view my Strava data on the right hand side of this page, which will show you a map of were I have been along with other info about speed etc.

We pick up some more guest riders tomorrow and take them as far Melbourne before we jump on the boat for Tasmania. Tomorrow is our longest day on tour with about 205kms and 2500m climbing. Wish me luck! :P

Good night.