2014 Tour de Cure - Day 4...

Adaminaby to Corryong. 140kms with 2600m of climbing. This is now the biggest climbing day we have had on this tour. I got to sleep in this in this morning as my team was rolling out at 8:45am. Adaminaby was pretty chilly this morning. Lots of fog around and I needed to add a few extra layers to what I was wearing for the day.

We waited for Mark Beretta to do his final Channel cross for the morning and we were on our way! We hit the first climb of the day as the sun just started to come out and it looked like it was going to be a perfect day to ride bikes. The sun was shining, the sky was blue with some white clouds around and there was nice cool breeze to keep us from overheating.

We new today was going to be a hilly day. It was up and down from the start to the end. The climbs were pretty tough going. Im not much of a fan of riding up mountains but there is a positive to going up, and thats coming back down! :)

The support crew do a fantastic job of giving us encouragement while we are grinding our way up the steep roads they map out for us. With music pumping from the team vehicles and silly costumes to lift our spirits, it really does help us make it to the top.

At one of our rest stops today, we were not the only ones interested in having a snack. There were some locals at a lookout area that we did not plan on running into, but were happy to accommodate them as long as they didnt bother us. 

Overall, it was a very hard day on the bike and I have to say that I had a great time. We pulled into Corryong for the night where our local community dinner was held. A massive turn with a live band made us feel really welcome!


Its a really early start for my team tomorrow morning, so Im going to wrap it up here. 5:30am is breakfast and we leave Corryong not too long after that.

I have to thank everyone for all their kind messages and emails I have been receiving whilst on tour. It really makes my day when I get to read them!

Talk to you tomorrow!