High Tea Was A Great Success!!

WOW! What a big weekend! We put on our Tour de Cure High Tea and it was a great success!!!

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A massive, massive thank you to all who came along to enjoy some delicious treats and listen to me speak about what TdC are doing and my personal experiences I have had with them. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did also.

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So what was on the menu at the High Tea? Let’s take a look!

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Thanks to all the cooks for this amazing spread! There wasn’t much food left on the plates at the end of each sitting… I’m sure you can tell why! The food looked amazing and we didn’t get any complaints, other than, “there wasn’t enough!”

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We had an unexpected, but very welcome visit from my fellow TdC QLD riders, Jodi, Paul and Darren. They were out on training ride and decided to call past and say hi. It was a really nice surprise for the morning.

I spoke about my passion for Tour de Cure and what they are doing in the fight against cancer. I shared some great memories from my previous tours and why I have come back to do it all again. It was a bit emotional at times, but I guess the reasons I’m doing what I’m doing are not always the happiest. I got through it and the feedback I received was very positive. It’s always hard to know what people want to hear at these kinds of events. Question and answer time proved to be worthwhile, even if a lot of questions revolved around saddle discomfort and the use of chamois cream, but these are obviously the things people want to know about.

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It was great to see so many new faces! There was a good amount of return customers from last year’s event, but there was an even bigger turn-out of new people. This is one thing that I really wanted to happen and something that I think TdC is very good at doing. “Getting the word out there” to people who haven't heard of them. All along I have said that I wanted to get out into the public and bring in donations from the people I meet on the street, at a market, within my workplace or someone I meet through a friend or family member. This makes the fund raising experience so much more rewarding because you are making more people aware of what we do and bringing in much needed funds at the same time. The High Tea did exactly that, and I really enjoyed sharing my TdC experience. So thanks for listening.

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Congratulations to all those who won raffle and lucky door prizes and a big thank you to the businesses and individuals who donated the prizes for this event. These were a fantastic help in raising money on the day!

I can now give you the final tally for the day. $4,004 raised over the two high tea sittings! WOW! That is Awesome! I can happily say that I am over my minimum fund raising goal, so anything from here on is an added bonus and I may just get to my personal target of $15,000.

I really hope everyone had a good time and I look forward to seeing you, plus others at the next one!

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Please don’t forget to follow me on my journey, daily through my blog and on Channel 7 in the mornings from the 28th March. Also feel free to send my website details onto anyone who may be interested in having a read.

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Thanks for all your support!