Short Update...

The kilometers are getting less and less each week now. Its nice to have a bot of break from hard long rides. But Tour is only just around the corner, so the distance will ramp back up very shortly!

I had my final long ride before tour on Saturday morning. I rode out to meet Zac (my brother) at Carbrook, before making our way to the meeting point for Zac's riding group. Many of the members of this group raise money for an organisation called "Eagles Wings" who also ride their bikes to raise money. This year they are traveling to New Zealand and I look forward to tracking their progress for this event.

Our ride took us through the lumpy parts of Mt Cotton and along Redland Bay Rd through Carbrook and over the "Seven Sisters", before making our way bay to Vicky Point for a well deserved breakfast. The Seven Sisters are a series of hills on one stretch of road that is regularly ridden by many cyclists each week. They definitely get the lungs pumping!

After a good catchup over a toasted sandwich and a coffee, it was time to get back on the bike and head for home. This included ridding over the seven sisters for the third that morning, before Zac turned off for home. The sun was beaming by this stage and my thirst had picked up from the salty ham in my toasted sandwich. I lifted the pace and pushed for home. A total of 131kms with 1567m of climbing for the morning. Not a bad effort considering Im meant to be taking it easy...

I also test rode this the other day! The new Specialized Fatboy!

How cool is that!? Maybe one day, I can have a Fat Bike in my fleet.