How You Can Follow My 2014 Tour!

With the 2014 Signature Tour just around the corner, I have had some people asking me how they can keep track of my progress day by day. Thanks to Garmin's technology, I will be using the live tracking system that is built into my GPS computer that is attached to my bike. This allows followers to view my location at any point during the day by clicking a link that arrives in your email inbox every morning when I set-off.

If you would like to receive the 'live tracking' data link in your email each day, please send me an email with the address you wish me to use with "Live Track" in the subject line.

Send to:

This data is then uploaded to a website called Strava, which then records and analyses all the data taken from each day of riding. You can view my Strava data on the right hand side of my blog page.

You can also track my daily progress with my blog update each day. I will give a full run-down at the end of each day about where we have been, who we have visited, how much money we have raised, local charities we have supported and personal experiences I have had on and off the bike. If you would also like to receive an email notification when a new blog post is available, please subscribe using the panel at the top, right hand side of my blog page.

*You will not receive any spam emails by signing up, just my blog notifications.*

Mark Beretta and James Tobin from Sunrise on Channel 7 are riding in the Tour de Cure team this year. This means that we will be crossing live to the Channel 7 studios every morning for the sports report and a tour update. If you are watching, you might just see me in the background.

Only 2 days to go before we leave Sydney!