Pedal Brisbane Weekend Wrap-up!

On Saturday, I attended the annual Pedal Brisbane Bike Show as a market stall holder.

It was a great day out amongst the public and I have to say a huge thank you to the event organisers for asking me to be part of their show. The show was full of cycling inventions and new bike related ideas. It was fantastic to see so many different concepts and innovators come from all over to show off their ideas to the world.

We ran a mini competition on a stationary bike for who could set the fastest time and ride the furthest distance in twenty seconds. With some very hot contenders to take out the title, the final results looked like this.

Congratulations to our top riders for such a great effort. It was a lot of fun watching the competitive natures unfold between good mates over a twenty second battle. Not only did we have some fun racing, but we also raised some money for Tour de Cure in the hope that we can find a cure for cancer.

We also have a lucky prize winner from the weekend.

Congratulations to Shaun Clough.

Thanks to C4 Belts Australia, you are the proud owner of a C4 Belt!

You can still order C4 Belts through the Facebook page or by emailing your order to the address below. The money from these purchases go straight to Tour de Cure.

C4 Belts Facebook -

Once again, a huge thank you to Pedal Brisbane for having me along to their show for 2014!

I look forward to attending again next year!