City Cycle Riders Flash Back!

I have had a few people ask me lately about the "City Cycle Riders".

If you dont know what I am referring to, Ill give you a run-down.

Back in 2011, a mate of mine (Danny) came to me with the "fantastic" idea. He proposed that we hire the Brisbane City Cycles and tackle Mt Coot-tha. Whilst I had ridden Mt Coot-tha many times before, the thought of riding a 25kg bike with 3 gears and "cruiser" style handlebars was a little off-putting. So we decided to go for it.

We recruited 2 others (Damo & Hamish) to attempt this challenge and we all met at the Roma City Cycle station and un-docked our speed machines and prepared ourselves for the morning ride. With fruit, water and a massive ham and cheese baguette hanging out of the basket on the front, we started our journey towards the mountain.

I wont lie, the City Cycles are not the greatest bikes to ride... The seats dont go high enough, the gears are not made for high speeds or steep hills and they are really, really heavy in the bike world. With all that being said, they do have automatic lights, a very handy basket and indestructible tyres.

The trip up Mt Coot-tha was tough! But we made it! Even better, we filmed it!

After this video was posted on YouTube, we had a bit of interested from various organisations and individuals. We were a bit surprised that people took it so seriously. We were just having a bit of fun on the bike.

City Cycle cootha summit

City Cycle cootha summit

Some groups featured us on their websites and spread our video around. Bicycle QLD showed some real interest in what we had done and their Brisbane Coot-tha Challenge bike ride approached. They asked us if we were interested in riding in the Coot-tha challenge on the City Cycles. An 85km bike ride with the Gateway bridge and Mt Coot-tha to climb. Of course we said yes. (Still not sure why...) We had some radio interviews and Chanel 10 did a short story for the night time news.

With our matching sponsored kits and plenty of fuel in our baskets we left the VIP starting area (we got some weird looks) and took on the Coot-tha challenge.



Our team of four had not only now completed the back side of Mt Coot-tha, but we had also clocked faster times than nearly 200 other participants for the day. Here is a short video of our descent from the Coot-tha summit. This was the fun part!

I have to say that this was one of the most fun descents I have done on a bike. The City Cycles corner nicely and are very hold to the ground well. Passing people on road bikes on the way down was a bit of fun. Hitting 86km/hr on a City Cycle was even better! :) After this ride we didnt really have plans to do any more City Cycle riding. The 85km day had really taken its toll on our bodies and we didnt want to re-live the pain we had endured.

So, the annual Brisbane to Gold Coast, 100km bike ride was coming up in October and I received a phone call from Bicycle QLD. Would we be interested in taking part in this event on our City Cycles? You guessed it, we said yes.

100km on the City Cycle, in the October heat was deffinately a hard day on the bike. It was stinking hot and it was hard to hold a good pace with such low gears. We had recruited two more riders for this event, Lucy and Rylie. BQ wanted us to "appeal" to a larger audience, so we needed to add some girls to the group.



City Cycle Riders

The Brisbane to Gold Coast ride was complete!

All in all we had some fun times on these bikes and made some great memories along the way. If interested, there is a Facebook page for the City Cycle Riders here:

There have been ideas tossed around about our next adventure but nothing has really happened for a while. You never know when we might decide to tackle another crazy event on these super awesome bikes!



All in the name of fun! :)