QLD Country Tour Day 1 Wrap-up.

Day 1 has finally arrived. Breakfast was served nice and early as normal for tour. Ham and egg rolls, fresh fruit salad and yogurt to name a few things. Definitely woke me up a bit to bring me into reality. As a lot of you know, Im not a morning person! Nothing changes on tour... :)We rolled out from the Gold Coast and made our way down the road to our first school visit. The kids were great! They welcomed us with high fives as we rode through the school gates and made us feel like rock stars. We parked our bikes, took off our cycling shoes and ran around with kids, playing handball and kicking a footy. It was great fun and an awesome way to start the day and the tour. Our first Stickman school presentation was done here and then we were off to tackle the dreaded climb that awaited us.

There isn't a lot I can say, other than, "That was one tough climb!" I have only climber Tambourine one way, and that wasnt it... I now know why. The sun was beating down, and the tarmac just kept going up. We can to signs along the way that told us there was a percentage change ahead. 12%, then, 13%, then 15%... It was not very forgiving at all. I have to say that it was one of the hardest days I have had on the bike for a while. Reaching the top was a relief and a great feeling of achievement. Very happy to fill my water bottles that I depleted on the way up the mountain and serve myself a nice plate of food from the catering truck. Lunch was sensation with pasta, chicken, salad, veggies and apple crumble for something sweet.

It was a nice surprise to see another familiar face turn up this morning to join the first day of riding. For all the race car fans, guess who?



It was great to have V8 Super car driver Jonathan Webb in the peleton once again. I rode with Jono on Signature Tour earlier in the year and it was great to share front of the peleton with him as we left his local riding ground this morning. A top bloke and I hope to share the road with you again mate.

Another highlight of the day was riding along side a great QLD mate. Another like minded, cycling fan who was fantastic to have along for the ride today. A massive effort also for his fund raising contributions to TdC with over $1700 raised. Congratulations mate for a job well done and awesome riding today.



Thanks to Deon for taking the time off work and away from his family Laura, Grace & Zac to join Stephanie and I on our mini adventure.

It was a bit of a slower trip to our final destination. With about 35kms to go, we had many sore sets of legs. With a few mechanical issues etc. at the back of the group, the pace was dropped for our run home. The protein shakes were ready for us when we arrived a the motel and a shower was welcomed with open arms.

Dinner was delicious at the local pub and they have Bulmers Cider on tap! That made my night. With my bike parked up against my bed after the long, hot 110kms today, im just about ready to turn in also.

Tomorrow we make our way to Warwick, through Cunninghams Gap. A bit more climbing to go yet... :) Good night.