QLD Country Tour 2013!

I received my QLD Country Tour acceptance email today. You know what that means… More fundraising and more training!

I am very much looking forward to this tour. We have some fantastic country side and I can’t wait to view it from the saddle of my bike.

This tour will leave from the Gold Coast on the 28th August and take us on a scenic route through Mt tambourine, Beaudesert, Warwick, Esk, The Glass House Mountains and into Brisbane for the finish on the 31st August. A 520km trip with plenty of climbing and beautiful views.


Along the way we will be visiting local schools and communities to spread the word about cancer awareness and prevention. I really look forward to these moments on tour. The people you meet and talk to in these local towns, become life long memories. The stories we get to hear on tour can really blow you away and make you realise how up and down life can be. The stories are also the reason TdC do what they do and they give every tour rider and crew member the inspiration to keep the legs turning day after day.


For me personally, the stories I heard and the people I met on my first tour really changed the way I looked at TdC tour riding. My focus went from worrying about climbing the massive mountains in the days ahead, to realising why I was there and who I was there for.

I am not only riding the TdC tours to raise the many needed dollars to one day defeat the battle of cancer in the world. I also ride to stop the suffering that so many children, adults, family and friends have to deal with that comes about from this horrible illness.

I am no longer only riding because my family has a strong history of cancer. I am also riding for the other tour members and their friends and family who I had the pleasure of riding with and meeting along my journey this year.

I really look forward to banking many more memories from this country tour that will give me the drive to keep going.


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Hopefully one day the Tour de Cure bike ride will just be a celebration amongst friends, with no need to raise money to find a cure.