Day 5 wrap up.

My blog tonight might be a little shorter than normal I'm sorry. What a MASSIVE day!!! 5:45am start at the sunrise cross site for breakfast. My team was up first for a school presentation after Mark's last morning sports report. It was freezing cold this morning and we were in our super warm red jackets and I was still cold... We did our school presentation which was a lot of fun. The kids were really good and gave us heaps of inspiration to get on our bike for the long journey ahead of us for the day. We left the school just after 9am and we were late already... We had Mark Beretta in our peloton for the morning and his film crew to get some good footage for the day. Our lead car took a wrong turn which put us even further behind for the day. We visited another school for lunch and had a chat with the kids before we were back on the road. The kids had also drawn us some pictures about what we are doing and teaching them on tour.



We were now running really late and knew that we would be arriving in Bendigo in the dark. Lights were attached to bikes to prepare us for our final leg into town. We had 3 flat tyres for the day all in the same spot. Our mechanic Steve, made awesome time getting everyone back on the road again.

The sun was setting behind us and the landscape all around us changed dramatically. It was beautiful. The bunch was amazed at what we were seeing. It gave a bit more a kick to push us home for the night. We kept up our chatter and lifted everyone's spirits when they started to fall. It had been a long day in the saddle and we were ready for a hot shower and a feed. The temperature dropped quickly and we put our arm warmers and wind vests on for the last part of our trip.

The team were amazing! We only had 2 teams in out peloton today. Normally we would have 4 or 5, so we were rolling with a very small group. This meant that there was more time taken on the front of the group by everyone pushing the wind. It was hard work! We rolled into town with lights blazing, high spirits for what we had achieved and 230kms under our belt for the day. We were proud little cyclists. Hugs all round when we stepped off the bikes and a memory and felling that will last forever.

We rushed to our hotels and showered to show up late for dinner. We listened to a couple of emotional, yet inspirational personal stories from some guests and ate some of the best food we have eaten all tour. A celebration was in order though, when it was announced that as of 3:00pm this afternoon, TdC had officially raised over ten million dollars! That is a massive achievement! To honour this milestone, one of our sponsors (Life Technologies) had kindly donated money for a once off TdC Jersey to be worn by all tour riders tomorrow.



We are rolling out in pink tomorrow! The guys at Life Tech. are fantastic! Really, really lovely guys and great supporters of what we and TdC are trying to accomplish.

Well that's about it from me. It was longer than I though, but I have to get up and do it all again tomorrow...

Steve and the Cube crew, I didn't wear the Cube hat today... Unfortunately I didn't get a single moment to do so... Starting and finishing in the dark doesn't happen too often on tour, but these are the "epic" days as known but the tour veterans. And it was an amazing day on the bike!

Night all!