How To Follow My Ride...

Hi everyone, I have been asked how people can follow my ride over the 10 days of my Tour.

There are a few options for this;

1. I will be updating my Blog daily: You can receive an automatic update for each blog post by typing your email address into the “Subscribe” window on the right hand side panel.

2. You can follow me on Sunrise on Channel 7 each morning of the Tour as we will be doing a live cross from our current location. Mark Beretta from Sunrise will be riding the Tour with us.

3. Thanks to Garmin, I also have the technology (roughly tested) to allow you to ‘live track’ me on GPS as I ride my bike. You can see where I have been for the day and watch the ‘blip’ on the map as I soak up the kilometers on my bike. If you would like to receive the link to this data, please send an email to: Please include your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS you would like the link to be sent to each day.



Feel free to contact me during the tour by email at:

Thank you all for your support! It has been amazing! I went over $15,000 yesterday and the money is still coming in.

Only 2 sleeps to go! Cory Morris