Unwanted trash & treasure...

Calling on all unwanted junk/treasures that you may have lying around the house.As some of you know, I am having a car boot sale at the Mt Gravatt show grounds to raise some more funds for my tour ride coming up. At this stage its planned for Sunday morning, the 24th March.

I have kindly been given a spot at the show grounds free of charge, because all the proceeds from this sale are going to my Tour de Cure charity fund. If you have anything that you would like to donate to be sold at this fundraiser, let me know. Anything you would sell at a garage sale are the items I am looking for. Nothing broken or un-useable. If you need me to pick things up, let me know. Or we can arrange a time that you can drop your loot to me.

There is no pressure to donate anything. It’s just a good chance to clean out the garage and get rid of some things taking up valuable space. I know I have a few things cluttering my work space.

Feel free to send this post to friends and family who may be interested in cleaning out the house also.

Thank you in advance. Cory Morris Email: corystourdecure@gmail.com

car boot sale pic

car boot sale pic